What you need to know


What You Need to Know About
Unity of Garden Park’s Sustained Giving Program
You are invited to participate in our Sustained Giving program.  Your contribution represents the value that this ministry has in your life, and your generosity supports the good it does in this world.
Our Changing World
Just as email is replacing postal mail, credit cards are replacing checks (although we are still grateful to receive checks) and people are transitioning to online bill payments, electronic giving is the new, practical way of contributing.
Electronic Giving Made Simple
We can easily assist you in setting up a recurring contribution plan through:
Automatic credit card or debit card deduction
Automatic payment through PayPal
Prevents financial shortages when attendance drops due to weather and other factors.
Your financial gift supports Unity of Garden Park when you are unable to be present.
Helps you stay in the flow of giving and receiving by activating the law of giving.
Reduces accounting expenses.
Allows greater ease of record availability.
Creates an easier system for donors to give and track their donation.
Allows for more accurate budgeting and financial management for you and for Unity of Garden Park.
You can change the amount of donation at any time.
Donations can be processed weekly, twice a month or monthly.
All transactions are in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
You can discontinue your electronic giving whenever you choose.
To get started you can:
Go to www.unityofgardenpark.org.  Click the orange “Donate” button (top right corner) and follow the prompts.
Pick up an enrollment form at Unity of Garden Park, complete it and mail to Unity of Garden Park or drop it off at the administrative office.  
Call (513) 385-8889 to speak to Nichole Mix, our Office Administrator.