Meet Rev. Kathy!

Meet Rev. Kathy Engelhardt Our Spiritual Leader!

If you have attended a service or event at Garden Park in the past 20 years, you will likely recognize Kathy Engelhardt. Her warm, infectious smile and laugh, her boundless energy and enthusiasm, and her quiet, caring and compassion have blessed many over the years.

So it was Divine Order in 2009 when Rev. Julie decided to retire and Kathy stepped forward to become Garden Park's spiritual leader.

Rev. Kathy has been inspiring and motivating people for over 20 years to become better versions of themselves. She has been a multi-faith ordained minister since 2000 and also owned and operated a family restaurant for 30+ years. Her personal life experiences plus involvement with a number of self-improvement organizations like Mary Morrissey's Dream Builders, Life Success Seminars, Toast Masters, Meta Model Trainings, Landmark Forum, Freedom 101 and Martha Creek's Immersion Group (Byron Katie's "The Work") have given her additional insights to help you your spiritual quest.

Stop by the church and say hello to Rev. Kathy! You'll be glad you did.