Register now! Workshop conducted by Certified Pranic Healing Instructor Sybil Baker, practitioner and instructor of pranic healing. Dedicated to furthering the mission of the founder Choa Kok Sui to alleviate pain and suffering in the world, Ms Baker unexpectedly found pranic healing to be her life's work and mission. A scientist for most of her life, Sybil avidly seeks to support, facilitate and empower people seeking natural solutions to health and wellness. Energy medicine is a foundation of her practice.
Her classes are fun! Informative! Easy to understand and assimilate. Leave with the tools you need to heal yourself and your loved ones.
In PRANIC HEALING® Level 1, you learn the basics of working with your energy aura, including learning to "scan," or feel the energy, to "sweep," or clean away congested energy, and to "energize," or supplement areas in your aura that have a pranic deficiency.
PRANIC HEALING® has been taught to doctors, nurses, massage
therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, shiatsu practitioners, and many others in the healing field. It has allowed them to heal confidently and consistently in the shortest learning time possible. These professionals find PRANIC HEALING® very effective and easy to apply.
Other topics covered in PRANIC HEALING® Level 1:
Energetic anatomy: You will learn to work with the network of chakras, meridians and auras to accelerate the healing processes of your body.
Preventive healing: You will learn to remove the negative energetic patterns of a disease to prevent it from fully manifesting as a physical ailment.
Self-Pranic healing: You will learn to apply these healing techniques to accelerate your own healing.
Step-by-step techniques for ailments related to your:
respiratory system, e.g., asthma,; circulatory system, e.g., heart ailments; gastrointestinal system, e.g., irritable bowel syndrome; musculoskeletal system, e.g., arthritis and back pain; reproductive system, e.g., menstrual problems. You'll also learn how to address common problems as migraines and sinusitis.
Additionally, you'll learn to apply distant healing to loved ones who are not present in the room with you.
All PRANIC HEALING® courses are "experiential," which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class - on yourself and those around you. During class, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and you will practice the techniques exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you finish the course.
This is Day 1 of 2 Attendance at day one is required to attend day 2.
The Course text book is Choa Kok Sui, "Miracles through Pranic Healing" Please bring this with you to class.
PRANIC HEALING® Level 1 is a prerequisite to all other GMCKS courses.
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Class Registration PRIOR to day of class $350 Day of class Registration $400